Piercing Prices

Piercing Prices for Trendez Riccarton, Northlands & Dunedin
(for Blenheim store piercings see their page under Locate A Store)
Fittings & after care solutions are available from $5.00
We have a large range of jewellery available in-store with advice from our experienced body piercers.

All needle piercing prices include your choice of a surgical steel ball closure ring, banana bar, barbell or labret stud. A full range of body jewellery is available in-store to be pierced with, including high quality….

  • Surgical grade SS316L stainless steel
  • Surgical G23 titanium
  • Black PVD (physical vapour disposition) SS316L stainless steel
  • Zircon gold PVD (physical vapour disposition) coated SS316L stainless steel
  • Bio compatible, flexible Bioplast

All piercings are performed under strictly sterile conditions using single use needles or cartridges, preventing cross contamination. Equipment is cleaned by Ultrasonic and sterlised by Autoclave.

Consent from a parent or legal guardian is required for any needle or gun piercings if you are under the age of sixteen.
ID proof of age may be required.

Bookings: Bookings for piercings are taken only on the day the piercing is to be done. Phone numbers for each store are listed on this website under ‘Locate a Store’. Generally, school holidays and the months of December and January are the only times a booking would be essential.


Gun Piercings

  • Ear Lobe: $10.00 ea
  • Upper Ear: From $12.00

Needle Piercings

  • Tragus & Anti Tragus: $30.00 ea
  • Conch & Industrial: $30.00 ea
  • Rook, Snug & Helix: $30.00 ea
  • Vertical Lobe & Upper Ear: $30.00 ea


Gun Piercings

  • Nose & Surgical Steel: $15.00 ea
  • Nose & Titanium Stud: $30.00 ea

Needle Piercings

  • Nose: $30.00 ea
  • Eyebrow: $30.00 ea
  • Bridge: $30.00 ea
  • Septum: $30.00 ea
  • Cheek: $30.00 ea


Needle Piercings

  • Tongue: $30.00 ea
  • Labret & Lip: $30.00 ea
  • Beauty Spot & Medusa: $30.00 ea
  • Lip Frenulum: $30.00 ea
  • Tongue Frenulum: $30.00 ea


Needle Piercings

  • Navel: $30.00 ea
  • Nipple: $30.00 ea
  • Surface Piercing: $30.00 ea
  • Dermal Anchor: $40.00 ea